Preparing for the Future

In the world of construction and urban development, Dilapidation Surveys stand as a crucial step to protect interests, ensure accountability, and maintain transparency. With a comprehensive approach that encompasses roads, properties, footpaths, and community spaces, these surveys provide a meticulous record of conditions before and after construction.

Dilapidation Surveys are meticulously conducted assessments of the condition of properties, roads, footpaths, and community spaces before and after construction, excavation, or nearby development activities. These surveys provide a visual record of the existing state, helping stakeholders understand and address potential damages that might arise from adjacent work.


Why dilapidation Surveys?

360-Degree Imagery

Our surveys incorporate high-resolution 360-degree imagery to capture every detail of the surroundings, ensuring a comprehensive visual record.

Properties and Structures

From residential properties to commercial buildings, our surveys cover all structures that might be impacted by construction activities.

Roads and Footpaths

Dilapidation assessments extend to roads and footpaths, meticulously documenting pre-existing conditions to assess changes over time.

Community Open Spaces

Parks, playgrounds, and other communal areas are also included, ensuring a complete understanding of the project’s potential impact on the community.