We give you the confidence to plan, design and manage your project with our utility survey solutions.

At Utility Mapping, our utility survey services in Australia involves using a variety of geophysical, electromagnetic and high-frequency induction techniques. We go in search of known and unknown utilities and structures hidden underground using our utility surveying and scanning services.

We lift all pits and manholes, collecting and mapping information such as pipe and chamber sizes, direction of flow, conduit sizes, materials, configuration and utility type. We then record all of our findings on manhole and pit report cards. Once the utilities have been located, we record the position and depth with high-accuracy GNSS or total station survey techniques. We provide feature and level surveys if required, and we can tie into existing control from an existing feature survey. 

Our Utility Mapping surveys can be delivered for Australian clients in AutoCAD, Navisworks, 12d, Microstation, Revit and interactive PDF formats. In addition, we can deliver our Utility Mapping surveys into BIM.

Once we have delivered our Utility Mapping survey, our surveyors can work with clients in the conflict analysis stage to plan a potholing campaign where existing utilities clash with design. To achieve Quality Level A (QL-A), a planned approach using keyhole excavation via non-destructive digging techniques provides further detail such as utility type, size, material, reduced level and configuration. All of our surveys are conducted and delivered to Australian Standard AS 5488-2013 Subsurface Utility Information (SUI).

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