09 Apr

Engaging with Future Talent: Utility Mapping at Oakleigh Grammar Tertiary, Careers, and Employment Expo.

  • By: Rick Maher
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At Utility Mapping, we’re committed to inspiring the next generation to see the value and importance of a career in the utility locating, surveying, and GIS industries. That’s why we were thrilled to have taken part in the recent Tertiary, Careers and Employment Expo hosted by Oakleigh Grammar.

The expo provided an invaluable platform for us to engage with bright young minds who were eager to explore career opportunities in our field.

Throughout the event, our team offered guidance, advice, and firsthand knowledge about the dynamic and rewarding careers that are available within Utility Mapping and the wider industries of surveying, locating and GIS. We discussed the diverse roles, responsibilities, and career opportunities in these industries, while showcasing the innovative technologies and methodologies that drive our work.

At Utility Mapping, we are advocates for continuous learning and professional growth, we emphasised the importance of education, training, and hand-on experience in preparing for a successful career. We highlighted the value of acquiring technical skills, honing problem-solving abilities, and cultivating a passion for innovation and collaboration.

We would like to extend our thanks to Oakleigh Grammar for allowing us to be part of such a great day, and specially to Michelle Mascaro for making it all happen. Thanks to Chris Bower, Tom Langley, Melea Stone and Coral Carretero Santos for sharing your passion with the students, it was fantastic to see their enthusiasm and curiosity as they explored the possibilities!

We look forward to continuing to inspire, educate and empower the future generation!

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