Safety and efficiency in utility management

UMAPP revolutionises the ground penetration permit (GPP) process by offering a digitised system that transforms how you visualise, manage, and interact with underground assets.

Seamlessly integrating a secure workflow with GIS utility data, UMAPP allows you to visualise all permits and utilities to identify potential hazards, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance. With an auditable data management process, UMAPP provides insight into the issuance and approval of permits, along with utility details available at the time of approval.

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Empowering safe excavations

Prioritising safety by reducing the risk of utility strikes. With comprehensive utility data at their fingertips, permit officers can proactively identify potential hazards, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.


Streamlining the permitting process, reducing delays and increasing site management logistics.


Protecting the team, the public and critical infrastructure from harm.

Location accuracy

Integrated GIS utility data ensures accurate location, minimising the potential for utility strikes and costly accidents.


Unique ground penetration permit system

Permit creation and management

Providing permit officers with the tools to ensure that excavation and construction activities are conducted safely, without damaging critical underground assets.

Approval process for permit officers

Permit workflow process customised for your professionals tasked with issuing permits, reviewing permits, and coordinating projects and sites.

Visualise all permits and utilities

Comprehensive data available to permit officers so they can identify potential hazards, mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Full data governance

A fully auditable data management process, ensuring knowledge of who issued and approved the permit and the information available at time of approval.

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