We give you the confidence to plan, design and manage your project with our non-destructive digging solutions.

Non-destructive digging is a safe way of exposing underground utilities. In addition, we use this process to gather and verify additional data attributes such as type, size, material, configuration and reduced level (RL) of the exposed utility.

This information is then collated and displayed via a pothole report and is used to update and verify the 3D model. This will enable planning, design and execution of works in a safer and more efficient manner.

In consultation with the client project team, our surveyors at Utility Mapping will prove the located utilities using non-destructive digging (NND) and excavation methods and ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS 5488-2013 Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) Quality Level A (QL-A).

We have the experience, equipment, technology and resources to keep up with the demand of a dynamic project. As soon as the utility is proven, the data is available for engineers and designers to access through our cloud based GIS portal.

To find out more about our non-destructive digging and excavation methods, get in touch with us today!