3D Radar Pavement Surveys

Discover a new dimension in pavement analysis with our 3D radar pavement surveys. By utilising advanced 3D Radar Technology, we create detailed models of road surfaces, enabling you to assess pavement conditions, detect defects, and plan maintenance strategies with confidence. 

On the realm of infrastructure assessment and management, our 3D Radar Pavement Surveys represent a groundbreaking advancement.

3D Radar Pavement Surveys involve the use of advanced radar systems to capture high-resolution images of road surfaces and underlying layers. These surveys go beyond traditional methods by offering a detailed, three-dimensional view of the pavement structure, including layer thicknesses, material properties, and subsurface anomalies.


Why 3D Radar Pavement Surveys?

Comprehensive Insight

Traditional pavement assessment methods often provide a limited view of surface conditions. 3D Radar Pavement Surveys, however, offer in-depth insights into the entire pavement structure, allowing for accurate assessment of distresses and defects.

Efficient Asset Management

By accurately identifying pavement issues early on, maintenance activities can be strategically planned, extending the life of roadways and minimising disruptions caused by reactive repairs.

Optimised Designs

For new construction or rehabilitation projects, 3D Radar Pavement Surveys aid in designing pavements with the right thicknesses and materials, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.

Safer Roads

Better understanding of subsurface conditions helps identify potential hazards, leading to safer roadways for drivers and pedestrians.