12d Modelling

Our data delivery solutions allow you to visualise and interact with spatial information seamlessly. We specialise in delivering utility survey data in 12d Model format—an industry-leading software for the Civil and Surveying industries . Our comprehensive models provide an accurate representation of your data, facilitating enhanced analysis, decision-making, and collaboration.


Harnessing Technology through FME, Microstation and AutoCAD

Our geospatial data delivery is powered by FME (Feature Manipulation Engine), a versatile platform that enables seamless data transformation and integration. With FME, we ensure data compatibility across various formats and systems, allowing you to work with your preferred tools without constraints.

For projects requiring MicroStation and AutoCAD integration, our data delivery solutions seamlessly provide the data you need. We understand the critical role these platforms play in design and engineering workflows, and our commitment to compatibility ensures a smooth transition from data collection to design.