3D Radar Utility Surveys

Our 3D Radar technology captures data while on the move, allowing us to create accurate models of underground infrastructure swiftly and efficiently with no disruption to traffic or the community.

3D Radar Utility Surveys are an advanced technique that utilises radar technology to create intricate three-dimensional maps of the subsurface infrastructure.

These surveys go beyond conventional utility locating methods offering a comprehensive view of the entire underground environment, including any unknown anomalies.


Why 3D Radar Utility Surveys?

Finding The Unknown

Traditional utility locating methods can lack precision, leading to potential utility strikes during excavation. 3D Radar Surveys provide accurate 3D visualisations that enhance utility identification and mapping.

Enhanced Safety

Accurately locating underground utilities is crucial for avoiding costly accidents and ensuring the safety of workers on construction sites. 3D Radar Surveys contribute to safer excavation practices.

Efficient Project Planning

With a detailed understanding of subsurface conditions, engineers and construction teams can plan projects more effectively, optimising utility coordination and minimising disruptions.

Data-Driven Decisions

The 3D visualisations generated by these surveys empower stakeholders to make informed decisions, reducing the risks of unexpected utility conflicts.